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Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's little bit late, but I wanna post it ^^

source and credit shakizi
re-upload eijisatoshi
shared by weareshining (WRS)

don't understand? same here guys, but I found the translation :D

Hi everyone~ I'm SHINee's Almighty Key~
Yes~ We are currently working hard in preparing our album, haven't you guys waited for a really long time? Then just wait a bit more~
Oh? Did you record it?
(Jonghyun: Yes~)
Yes~ we are also working hard in recording.
(Jonghyun: Jonghyun's Byeolroo (his puppy) is also all grown up now!)
Yes~ ㅋㅋ Byeolroo...~ Yes. Because no matter what, we worked really hard, so please just wait a bit longer~
See you next time~ Bye~

cr: forevermoreandmore@soompi

they're really cute :D well, just wait little bit more then. I'll wait you guys

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