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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rookie female singer Psycho draws controversy with album jacket cover

Even though she hasn’t make her debut yet, rookie female singer Psycho is already making the headlines in the K-pop scene for her over the top album jacket cover.

Psycho will be releasing her first single album of the same name on June 28th but her album jacket photo which was revealed on June 21st has already drawn flak from many for being over revealing.

The album cover shows the naked back of a female and the name, “Psycho” is written in red lipstick on the waist. But it is drawing flak for showing a little butt crack.

Psycho’s representative expressed that although she will be adopting a sexy image, it will be something that will be differerent from the sexiness of past female singers. This revealing album jacket cover was done on purpose to stamp home the point.

With regards to this photo, netizens felt that singers should compete with their voices rather than just focusing on being sexy and showing skin, and is the wrong direction in which the Korean music industry is heading towards.

credits : allkpop


Bad as a start, I wish her good luck ^^

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