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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JYJ Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome

I've just found some pictures of them, performing at huge dome looks like that, they seems sad and happy at the same time. haha, I talk randomly, just ignore me ^^
well, here you go !

source : TVXQBaidu, jaestyle
credits : DBSKnights

and the making video, somehow it makes me really sad and happy. It seems Junsu teaches Jaejoong Intoxication's movement. All of them looks happy, TVXQ, the staff, everyone. I hope they're doing well ^^

video : 0126fayejj
Credits : DBSKnights

lol, I can't stop smiling while watching this video ^^ fancams of their performances. waw, junsu's voice gives me a goosebumps

video : intoxicated
credits : DBSKnights

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