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Saturday, October 3, 2009

bad day!

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well friends,,
today i try to change my template because there is a little problem with my old template, i can't edit it, it can't work well :(

so i search new one and use it,
but, it is still can't work!! arghh!! i gonna to use my old once more, i think that maybe it will work as my first time use it. But, poor me, it is still can't work,
i change my template again and this is the 5th time. wew~ get tired :( sorry, there is no cbox for a while, i am so sorry for all visitors, and for the tag, i will reply it soon :D thx a lot if u wanna understand, beside that i have to study for my final exam, wish me good day, friends :D

kamsahamnida and have a nice day :D

JQT members

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long not posting :D i have to prepare myself for final exam.
so i don't have time to update my blog :D there are two more days, whew~
maybe, you already knew about JQT, new korean girlband. I'll tell you the members :D check it out :D

Park Min Jung: She is the group's leader and has the position of main vocals. Because of her cute looks and calm voice, she had the largest fanbase out of the 4 members even before they were known as JQT o_O Her nickname is "Sleepyhead" because she likes to take lots of naps. i guess that i will be addicted to her voice haha :D

Joo Min Sun: She has the position of vocals in the group. She auditioned along her friends and had beaten more than 200 girls :D I love her, especially her sytle and her hair, well i can imagine how it will be looked when i standing next to her, poor me =__=

Lee Ji Eun: Since elementary school, she already had experience with singing and broadcasts. Sexy one :D haha :D what do you think? When Fin.K.L was still popular, lee Ji Eun had been in a group that sing the chorus and sing for Lee Hyori's part o_O

and this is my favourite !!! milkysmile

Park Ga Jin: Just like with f(x)'s Amber, she have had many interest from netizens because of her slightly boyish looks. She was a trainee in DSP Entertainment (SS501, Kara) before she was picked in a group. Her hobby is reading, i read from allkpop that, after training, she will go back to her dorm and ALWAYS read! wii, kinda intelligent girl :D huwaa~ she is beautiful nee!! :D

they also already released their teaser titled "I fell for you" and in this teaser, their dance cheoreography seemed to be inspired by the popular Japanese synchronised group dance, Para-Para. well, enjoy :D

wuii, i love their teaser, but there is no sound, right? :( hehe just i will be waiting for their debut :) kamsahamnida for reading :D
nice day :D

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