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Monday, June 14, 2010

BEAST, f(x) and 4minute reveal predictions for South Korea against Argentina

Popular idol groups BEAST, f(x), and 4minute were surprisingly able to accurately predict Korea’s victory against Greece for the World Cup before the it took place.

Since then, there has been a growing interest in their predictions for the upcoming Korea vs Argentina match in a few days time, with representatives from each idol group revealing their predictions.

f(x)’s Luna said, “I think Korea is going to win against Argentina 2-1. Korea’s mood is lively right now after winning their opening match. With Park Chu Young and Lee Chung Yong’s goals, I think we’ll be able to beat the skilled Argentina team.”

Members from Beast and 4minute expressed their thoughts that this was definitely going to be a difficult match to predict since Argentina is very much a solid team. Beast’s Yoseob shared, “I think Korea and Argentina are going to tie 1-1 and I also think that Park Chu Young will score the goal.” 4minute’s Jiyoon also shared, “I think they are going to tie as well, but with the score of 2-2.”

Earlier this week, the three idol groups stated their predictions with Money Today Star News that Korea would win against Greece 2-0 in their opening game. In reality, this really did happen in the actual game. To make their predictions even more interesting was that Beast’s Doojoon, f(x)’s Luna, and the 4minute members thought that Park Ji Sung would definitely score a goal for that match.

what do you think? Watch it on June 17th, Korea - Argentina

source : allkpop

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