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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kara's Goddess Gyuri is a Pretty Boy

Sistar past scandal just makes me sad, so just leave it with something fresh :D Recently, Kara's leader, Park Gyuri updated her twitter with 2 pictures of her pulling off the pretty boy look. ahh, Goddess Gyuri looks like a handsome-pretty boy, if she's a boy, I will fall for her surely ! XD haha *not funny-don't laughing*

Actually these are old pictures, but she doesn't show it up from last year. Around late last year on a segment from MBC Sunday Sunday Night called Parody Theater, Gyuri acted out the character Go Eun Chan, originally played by Yoon Eun Hye, from Coffee Prince.

Check out this clips ^^

Netizens commented :

“Pretty boy charm radiates from her”

“A goddess indeed.”

KARA is preparing for debuting in Japan with their track "Mister", they will debut this upcoming August. I really can't wait ^^ and SNSD will also debut in Japan at September~ yay~ KARA hwaiting, SNSD hwaiting~

source : gyuri twitter
credits : allkpop

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