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Friday, June 11, 2010

Performing at Tokyo Dome is Big Bang's next mission

Another senior group, Big Bang were recently promoting in Japan and released their new japanese single, Tell Me Goodbye. With the promotions comes interviews and Japan’s TV Guide recently released an interview with Big Bang where they conduct a Q&A amongst themselves about Tell Me Goodbye. In the interview, they stated that after holding a concert at "Budoukan" they really want to hold another one at Tokyo Dome, wahh~ following TVXQ steps? ^^ well, check out the full translation

Big Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!
New Song 「Tell Me Goodbye」 Special Interview

G-Dragon: Korean drama "IRIS" (TBS) is now broadcasting in Japan and our new song Tell Me Goodbye is used as its theme song. How do you find this song?
SOL: Besides the dramatic melody, the lyrics of it are really unique. Instead of saying 'Please do not leave me!', the song asks to 'Tell me SAYONARA (goodbye).'
T.O.P: A tragic atmosphere of breakup is created by the song. It made me think about the true meaning of love during the recording.
D-Lite: I watched the whole series of "IRIS". And while I was singing, I always thought about the connections between the plot and our song. Since we haven't been singing R&B songs for a long time, I enjoyed the recording session very much ~~.
V.I: Coz Big Bang has more danceable songs. I personally prefer songs with more vocal lines compared to raps (:D).
Regarding the meaning of the lyrics, I am still a CHILD so it's too difficult for me to comprehend fully (:D).
GD: I think this beautiful song is trying to present to our listeners a cool and metropolitan image. Hope it can cure the wounds of those who once broke their hearts because of love.
SOL & DL: Our favourite part of the song is the refrain melody during the chorus, where we sing 'Tell me goodbye oh~~'!
GD: I like the parts where V.I raises his voice unexpectedly cause it's interesting (:D).
T.O.P: I can totally sympathize with the lines of my rap. The lyrics are about the endurance of the sorrow of parting. I am also that type of person who would rather stay alone and lick the wounds by myself.
GD: For me, I will NEVER let go my beloved girl. It's my own responsibility to protect my girlfriend!

DL: By the way, don't you think the shooting of our PV was somehow quite laborious ~?
SOL: We had problems with the set so instead of taking 2 days, which we previously scheduled, we spent 3 days for the PV. That was the first time for us to spend such a long time on shooting.
Moreover, though it was April, the temperature was abnormally low. There are scenes where sand wind blows while we are standing in the desert, and also at the cemetery. Those scenes are not created by special effects but purely due to the power of nature (:D).
V.I: The shooting location was at an island Southwest to Seoul, called Chebudo. Probably because the place was next to the sea, the weather was colder than in Seoul.
We were each assigned a character for the PV. I was completely absorbed in acting my role as a detective-maniac. (:D)
DL: Actually, the recording was done separately by each one of us.
GD: That was because we each had different things to work on and could only meet up during practice time. As our first try to record separately, I was amazed that we were able to complete this task neatly.

DL: Well, since our sphere of activities is usually at Korea, we feel thankful towards our Japanese fans who come and support us during the release of this new single.
V.I: Yes. And we were even able to hold our concert at THE famous "Budoukan". Nowadays, wherever we go, we can hear people saying 'That's Big Bang!". Our aim for now will be to hold a live at Tokyo Dome!
T.O.P: Till now, most of my visits to Japan have been short-term. Though you may tell me that we are getting famous here in Japan, I have yet to truly feel it by myself.
GD: If there is a chance, I hope I can stay at Japan for a longer period of time and carry out long-term activities here.
On one hand, hopefully through doing this we can abridge the distance between our Japanese fans and us. On the other hand, that make me and T.O.P, who are still struggling with our Japanese, to treat Japanese learning more seriously.

and also,

TV Guide News!!
Strating from next issue (25/6) onwards, the release of Big Bang gravure photos.
Five of them turn stark-naked!?

ehh?! well I don't know, just wait the next news ^^

Scans from: TVガイド via bestiz + DC gallery
Translated by Jane @
Please credit when re-posting^^

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