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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mnet Japan Ikemen Program Voting Results, Jaejoong is #1

Ikemen, it just reminds me of Jaejoong Oyaji Gags ^^

"Ramen, Tsukemen, Jaejoong Ikemen"

Ramen is Japanese noodle dish and Tsukemen is similiar to Ramen but the noodles are served separate from the soup. And how about Ikemen? it means good looking person. Oyaji Gags is kind of gags that isn't too funny and said by elder person. lol, Jaejoong's unique taste.

Okay here is the voting results

1 – 「Jaejoong」 DBSK
2 – 「Lee Junki」
3 – 「Kim SungJe」ChoShinSung (SuperNova)
4 – 「Kim Heechul」SuperJunior
5 – 「HyunBin」
6 – 「Kim JungHoon」
7 – 「MinHo」Shinee
8 – 「Kevin」Ukiss
9 – 「Se7en」
10 – 「Min KyungHoon」

wahh, Jaejoong get the #1 place, lol isn't because of his gags? well, Jaejoong indeed is an Ikemen. Jaejoong jjang !

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