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Sunday, June 6, 2010

f(x)’s Krystal apologizes for her rude attitude

Well, it's posted already in many sites about Krystal rude attitude. I'll just re-post it.

The new “IT” girl of K-pop, Krystal of f(x) has been criticized by viewers for her rude attitude she’s shown during Quiz That Changes the World recently.

Aired on the 5th, the popular variety show featured many guest stars from various age groups, including senior trot singers like Song Dae Kwan & Tae Jin Ah, and idol group members from f(x) and 2AM.

On this very episode, the show conducted its routinely-done segment, where guest stars are assigned to choose a celebrity friend of theirs to make a surprise phone call, and quiz them with random questions.

While singer Tae Jin Ah was making his phone call with his friend Maya, Krystal seemed inattentive by showing absolute no sign of interest to the elder.

this is why we call her rude

she doesn't even give attention
Lately, the continue of this case comes up

In response to news that reported on her apparent rude attitude during a recent Quiz That Changes The World episode and making headlines, f(x)’s Krystal has made a swift apology through f(x)’s official website on June 6th.

Krystal wrote,

“Hi, this is Krystal. I’m sorry that I was impolite during a broadcast earlier and have disappointed a lot of people. I have been reflecting a lot since. I will take extra care to make sure this doesn’t happen in future and will show you a better side of me. Please continue to watch over me. I am sorry for my careless actions and making my fans worry. Once again, I apologize to my seniors.”

check out f(x) official website
what do you think guys? for me, let's just move forward, forgiven and move forward from now on again :)

source : allkpop

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