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Thursday, December 31, 2009

TVXQ is still here !

annyeong !
today, is the first day for 2010 ! >.<
but... nothing's new =_= gah~ COME ON !
as usual, i am being so lazy this holiday. All i've to do is... staying at home, become a good girl, having lunch, so what's new then? How terrible =_=

but listen ! i get important news from... so many sites actually, sure because it's important and everybody's to know ! it's about Korean's best boy group, TVXQ. Yahoo ! Japan stated that TVXQ is officially disbanded ! sure, i am going to "what the..?!" Yahoo ! Japan stated that tension within the group has become so high and bad that it's reached its limit, saying that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu showed more passion to perform than the other two as they seem to have lost the will to go on and the most is, the three have new agency to continue their activity. O_O

BUT ! the truth is, that's false. Well, actually SM also don't give long/ detail information about it, they just said that the reporter's statement is false because the truth planning for TVXQ is apparently begin promotions for their last single BREAK OUT! on the 27th of January, and to release their last album on February 17th with one final goodbye concert in June.

oh, thanks god v_v
i hope SM will get the BEST solution for this problem, it should be hard condition for TVXQ's members. TVXQ, always keep the faith !

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