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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bloody letters for G-Dragon and Taeyang

finally, i am blogging, again !
well, i just get my holiday and forget homework although for a while, but yeah~ it's good ^^

after MBLAQ - Lee Joon and 2pm - Taecyeon, now is g-dragon and taeyang's turn ! Bloody letters for G-Dragon and Taeyang ! maybe this has become quite the trend now =_=a
the letters are from two different girls and was uploaded via Twitter,

The fans released 3 images: one of the first fan cutting her neck and palm for Taeyang, two of the second fan cutting her neck and wrist for G-Dragon, and third a photo of both the first and second images compiled together with their wish, or maybe i should say, crazy thoughts :(

first :

"If you're going to cut yourself, do it right. We are G Dragon & Taeyang's true soulmates. No one in this world can truly love them like we do.

second :

" G - dragon, you now i love you. i will keep on cutting till you know how much i love you. Your heart and my blood, we shall be together forever. Without you, my heart feels like its bleeding. i love you....

third :

.." Taeyang, you love me right? do you know that i cut myself everyday, leaving the scars on my arms?, just to ease the pain of not having you? mine. im waiting."

i read the comments and sure, all of them were teasing and saying such "nice" word to that crazy fans, well, what do you think ? isn't it too ... much? :(
hey girls, what's wrong with your brain? get well soon :p

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