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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Profile

I'll just post the profile about secret, rookie girl group that catch my attention, well... enjoy~

Secret is rookie girl group from TS Entertainment, consist of 4 girls, they are Jeon HyoSeong, Song JiEun, Zinger (Jung Nara) dan Han SeoHwa. They debuted on september 21. Jeon HyoSeong is the first member that's published, and known that in the past she is in same band with YooBin (WG) and UUE (after school). But it was about in 2005.

Next person is, Song JiEun. She is published by a video when she was playing piano, she performs Karina "slow motion"

video : KorS88@youtube

third for Zinger the rapper and fourth for Han SeoHwa. They were also published by video, check out zinger's video. She's cool :D

and here is Han SeoHwa's video, the maknae. She performs with Untouchable on music shows.

and now introducing the members, 4 members ^^

Name: Jeon HyoSung (the cute but eldest member)
DOB: October 13, 1989
Position: Leader

Name: Song Ji Eun (an outstanding singing skills)
DOB: May 5, 1990
Position: Main Vocal

Name: Zinger (the boyish and powerful rapper)
DOB: February 2, 1990
Position: Rapper

Name: Han SunHwa
DOB: October 6, 1990
Position: Maknae / Vocal

DAUM : here
International Forum : here

this is their debut stage with single "I Want You Back"

video : koreansecret@youtube

and this is their MV :D
click here if you wanna download the song. Link : big.girl007@4shared

video : LindaKimLe4@youtube

After a long break, they finally returned from their last single, I Want You Back.

While other rookie girl groups have moved on with new songs, Secret has not done much musical-wise. Fans have been waiting patiently for their comeback and their wait is finally over with the release of their new sexy dance track, Magic, a radical transformation from their debut image. Click here to download the song. Link : : Doraoljidomolla@4shared. Here is the MV. I think, they can dance very well

video : spellon1@youtube

and here is the songs for their mini-album Secret Time

My Boy
Spot Light
Do As You Please
3 Years 6 Months (acoustiv ver.)
I Want You Back (acoustic ver.)

I don't own the links, links : here :D (thanks !)

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Anonymous said...

Kyyyyyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh <3 xD
they all cute :3


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