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Saturday, December 5, 2009

SNSD for Post Cereal + Minho's arrival in Vancouver, Canada

hehe, sure because it is sunday,
i can take a break for a while, but actually there 4 days left for extra stabilization exam ! D: argh! well. forget it ^^

In May, Soo Young, Sunny, and Seo Hyun of Girls' Generation / SNSD along with actress Shin Ae Ra filmed a CF (Commercial Film) for Post's Cranberry Almond Granola Cereal.

and finally, the CF has finally been released ! milkysmile

It shows the new granola cereal and in the beginning of the CF,
well, just check it !

Back in September, SHINee's Minho became a member for for Let's Go Dream Team Season 2. Now there's word that the show is planning to go to Vancouver, Canada and Whistler, British Columbia for a special Winter Olympics edition of Dream Team. They plan to record 4 episodes worth of material and the episodes will begin airing around new years in January.

Minho isn't alone ! There will be Lee Chang Myung, Lee Sang In, Danny Ahn of g.o.d., Kim Sung Soo, Song Joong Ki, Go Joo Won, and Run.

Earlier in the week, we reported that SHINee's Minho along with his Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 cast mates were heading to Vancouver, Canada.
it seems that some Canadians fans got wind of this news as they were prepared for him during his arrival at the airport, arghh! i wanna meet him, too !
gah~ not fair :p xD milkysmile

oh my ! it's so close, if i was there maybe i am going to faint, haha ^^
hee.. minho has a lot of fans, o.O
hey minho ! you've to come to BALI! i'm here, you even don't know me T^T
haha~ xD

They even sang Happy Birthday to him:
hey was it december 9? =_=a

They also followed him to the Richmond Curling Club in Vancouver and captured him falling:

huwaa T^T
i really wanna meet him milkysmile
well, whatever will be will be,
i'm still here for waiting ya, minho xD
minho~ hwaiting !

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