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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wonder Girls' Chinese Version + SNSD's first asia tour concert photo book

annyeong !
oh god ! i can't believe !
holiday is over ! tomorrow i'll go to school again!
noooo ! huft~ well, it seems that it'll be hard for me updating my blog T^T
hey, JYP Entertainment will release new girl group, they also called as Chinese Version of Wonder Girls. Chinese version? another copycat? well, this turn is for real. The members are consist of Korean and Chinese so that, they call them, Chinese version of Wonder Girls. Their name and the exact member composition are yet to be decided, they are planning on releasing an album during the first half of 2010.

JYPE's statement : "The new group will perform in Korea as well as China and regions that speak Chinese. They are currently preparing for promotion in China, appearing on local networks in the Zhejiang region and such."

it's also stated that they will debut with trendy and music style, they have received training in JYPE for years. Wah.. :) well, i really wait them

And i also wanna share some photos that i found from SNSD's 1st Asia Tour Concert Book that have recently been released. What do you think? :D they're sure really pretty ! Sunny is so cute here ! How about Yuri? huwah~ she's absolutely beautiful >.< Cute youngest, SeoHyun looked so different here o_O huwah ~ :)

wahh, so pretty >v<

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