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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Girlband!

dunno why, really wanna post everything i know this week!
wihi~ i am too happy today! heheh so happy reading~

new korea girlband! i love their name f(x)
whihi :D that's cool! let me introduce the member yup!

Stagename: Victoria
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 168cm
DOB: February 2, 1987
Work Experience:
*Spris model (with Lee Junki)
*Smart model (with SHINee)
*Chinese Samsung LCD Model
*Chinese Anycall Anydream CF (with Rain)
*SHINee Noona is so pretty lead female
*Kangta In my heart someday MV lead female
*Super Junior M “U” MV lead female
*SHINee Photoshoot for Vogue Girl December 08 issue

Stagename: Krystal
Ethnicity: Korean
DOB: October 24, 1994
Work Experience:
*SHINee Juliette MV lead female
*Yuhan Kimberly CF
*OhDdooKi Curry CF
*Lotte Chilsung Cider CF
*SK, LG Telecom CF
*Professor Yoon English class CF

Stagename: Sulli
Ethnicity: Korean
DOB: March 29, 1994
Work Experience:
*2005 Pretty Children award
*Maru Child model
*Casted as SM Trainee in 2005 after drama SeoDongYo Sunhwa Princess
*Drama – Love needs no miracle
*Movie – Babo as child Ha Jiwon
*Movie – Punch Lady
*Pepero CF

Stagename: Amber
Ethnicity: Chinese American
Hometown: Orange County, California
DOB: 1992

*my favourite*

Stagename: Luna
Ethnicity: Korean
DOB: August 12, 1993

girlband from SM entertainment :D i really love their style
especially for amber :D heheh f(x) is the female version of SHINee, as we know, 2NE1 is also a new girlband that has similarities with f(x). 2NE1 is the female version of Big Bang, i love both of them :D

well, enjoy their teaser

and then you can also download the song here :D and then do you know, krystal is sister of jessica snsd :D love them! love them!

f(x) first debut at music bank, take a look. nice debut i think :)

krystal and victoria as lead female in SHINee video clip,

(victoria here)

(krystal here)

it is so exciting! :) which one do you choose?

i love both of them! what do you think? :D

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