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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JQT and After School

wanna post something about JQT,
but, who or what is JQT?
Recently, a 1 minute 5 second teaser video has been circulating many Korean websites, garnering much interest.

In the clip, you could see three males spray-painting the letters JQT through a stencil onto various color papers and pasting them in different locations throughout Seoul.

No one is sure of what JQT stands for, but the wild guess is that JQT is an upcoming boy band. well, i am waiting for that :D check their MV

what do you think?

and i also wanna post a little about after school,
After School (Korean: 애프터스쿨) is a South Korean girl group. They are managed by Pledis Entertainment, the same management company that manages singer Son Dambi. After School debuted on January 17, 2009 with their first dance song, "Ah."
well, i fall in love with UUE, members of this korea female group, she is nice and beautiful~ :D hehe the members are:

Gahee (26),

Jung-ah (26),

Soyoung (23),

Jooyeon (22),

Bekah (20),

UEE (21)

check out their first dance song MV
The MV features Son Dambi's fake husband on We Got Married, Marcos Benjamin Lee.
if u wanna have the song, click here

not too important *or even not important? ==
i edited one pic today :D it's about ice cream (again?)
hehe :D

okay, that's all :) kinda short posting ==;;
thanks for reading and kamsahamnida, have nice day :D

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