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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lee Jun Ki in Bali

i read this info from allkpop
g-dragon (members of bigbang, korean boyband) smokes?
check these out,

i dunno =-=
some fans said that it isn't true and only edited pics from someone that wanna make g-dragon's name fall. yeah~ but there is also a chance that g-dragon smokes, and i also find this one from allkpop.

G-Dragon and Taemin were caught wearing the same top, an oversized Dior Homme jersey t-shirt proclaiming "RAISE YOUR VOICE LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER" in big bold font.


what do you think? who wore it better?
However, it seems like Taemin claimed it first in a Vogue shoot way back in July!
hmm~ i love both of them *haha :D
and i also wanna post about lee jun ki, i love him xD
he is great actor and i also love his songs

Singles (named of magazine) have revealed a preview of Lee Junki's photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia recently. Bali! it is where i live! huwaa~

Photographer, Park Young Soon who collaborated with Lee Junki for the shoot, praised the latter for his ability to portray a variety of different expressions, making it feel like he was filming for a drama rather than just taking pictures. He felt that the photoshoot will help Singles sell a few more additional copies of their October issue because of Lee Junki's unique charisma and popularity.

The setting for Lee Junki's photshoot was at a famous restaurant in Bali. According to a restaurant's representative, no photo taking was allowed in the restaurant. But taking into account Lee Junki's popularity in Asia, they broke their rule for Junki to use their restaurant and hopes that it will help to promote their restaurant in return. haha :D

well, here are the photos,

that's all kamsahamnida :D

2 komentar on "Lee Jun Ki in Bali"

Emily on September 22, 2009 at 3:21 PM said...

mg omg, i seriously love g dragon ...he is so funny !!! (check it out: and

and lee jun ki *_* (*faints*) hes so hot!!!

thanks for sharing, and always cisiting my blog, your blog is the best!! it is super cute

Dwitia Iswari on September 23, 2009 at 2:22 AM said...

huwa~ mine is the best?!
thx a lot, love ur blog, too!
and sure i will visit ur blog always! :D

PS: i also love lee jun ki! he is handsome! xD


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