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Monday, December 13, 2010

"I Love You" Athena OST Music Video+Download Link

wahhh~ and again, I have to say "it's been a long time since my last posting" :D but this time, it's really been a long time right? =_=a but listen ! now I am officially a senior high school student~ and I got my target school, one of best school in my country~ wahh, I can't believe that I passed the entrance test XD but hell yeah, now I was like working for 18 hours a day, I mean it was a busy day everyday, full of tests, homeworks, courses, and studying, ohh~ my busy-high-school-days.

that's why I can't even update my blog once since the school starts T__T and now I'm here because I got holidays~~ although it's only one week but I'll enjoy this holiday very much~ nyahaha, and finally I can update this blog, I feel bad for everyone who visited this blog (although I know this blog doesn't have much visitors XD) so thank you and sorry everyone~~

on 13th december yesterday, the first episode of "IRIS" spin-off drama “Athena: Goddess of War” is aired and got an awesome rating, a killer 22.8% through SBS. It's difficult these days to get 20% rating on the first episode and mantain viewer's interest, beside that there are many drama to compete with. congrats~ let's see how this drama will be in the future.

Lately, I'm listening to one of this drama OST, one that taeyeon sings ! I really love this song, you should check it out ! click here to download the song, credit to for the download link.

video: sment@youtube

Composer Ahn Young Min also praised Taeyeon's singing ability after they collaborated in this "I Love You" song.

In his homepage, he wrote,

“It’s my second time collaborating with Taeyeon. With ‘Like a Star‘ we worked together for the lyrics, but this time we’ll be handling composition, lyrics, and the arrangement.”

“I was so shocked by Taeyeon’s singing ability. It’s a mature song so I was worried, but she made tears fall down my face. Barely an hour into production had passed, and I remember clapping my hands.”

“It felt regrettable just then that this voice and emotion could be covered up by the title of ‘idol’.”

Taeyeon has had success before with her OST solo-tracks, like Can You Hear Me and If and maybe it will be the same with I Love You, pray the best for her ^^ Taeyeon herself personally wrote her feeling in SNSD official page few days ago, she said thank you to all SONE that always support SNSD and wish us all happy and healthy in the next new year. She also wrote,

"Ah.. and please give love to my Athena OST track ekkekekekekekekekkekekekekekekekekekekkekekekekkeke"

well...I'll keep listening to this song a lot, taeyeon onnie ^^

source : allkpop

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