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Saturday, November 28, 2009

JQT MV I fell for you and f(x) Chu~ MV

poor me, because i can't update my blog for long time,
there are so many news that i can't post, but if i don't post it, my previous post will be useless TT__TT
maybe it is a little bit late ==; but i wanna continue my post about JQT, so try to listen at their MV, I fell for you
check this out ^^

well.. nice song ^^ click here to download :D

and this is "No No No" another song from their first single album

hwa~ nice song, too ^^ click here if u wanna have it :D
JQT fighting ! :D

and here is f(x) first single (after their promotion single-lachata)
first, their promotion single- lachata

and this is Chu~ MV

here if you wanna download lachata
here if you wanna donwload Chu~

hwah~ this is too late ! :(
sorry for posting such a late news, i'll try my best for my next posting T_T
kamsahamnida ^^

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