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Saturday, August 8, 2009

SS501 Hyun Joong’s Confession about 2NE1’s CL

get it from allkpop, check it out xD

Idol group SS501's leader and flower boy Kim Hyun Joong confessed, "Out of the 2NE1 members I am paying close attention to CL" during an interview with MBC SectionTV.

When asked by the reporter, "Out of all the girl groups, is there a specific member who you closely observe?" And Hyun Joong's answer was 2NE1's bad girl CL.
He also expressed how he felt about CL saying "When I saw her I asked myself 'Wow, who is that?' and admired CL."

Hyun Joong never got to see CL in person so he recorded a video message to her saying "I am your senior of a few years but I wish your career as a singer will be good. Thanks for giving me inspiration."
Looks like CL is gaining more fans by the minute and not just any fans but extremely cute ones as well. Do you think CL will be interested in Hyun Joong, too?

even i don't understand anything from this video, but maybe it can make u scream for his cutie face :D hehehe,
that's all kamsahamnida and have a nice day

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