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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Djarum Indonesia Open 2009 Result

you can see, there are "love anime and all about korea" in my profile.
then, because korea (especially south korea) is really great in badminton, so I follow a little about it.
hmm.., wait! maybe not a little, but HUGE!
And in this chance I am not trying to review about korea drama but badminton!!
start from 16-21 June, there is BWF super series in my country, Indonesia Open Super Series 2009. For details, in gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. But, I can't going there Photobucket

so I only watch that GREAT-SPECTACULAR-WONDERFUL competition in my little television
actually I start watching it from 16 june until finish, but I will review it only in the final phase (grand final). Yup! first in the mixed double. In this category, grand final makes Lee Yong Dae-Lee Hyo Jung (South Korea) have to meet Zheng Bo-Ma Jin (China). China... many persons always predict this country as the winner because this country has great regeneration for badminton.

We can see the example at Zheng Bo and Ma Jin. I heard that they are new couple in mixed double but at Indonesia Open Super Series 2009, they are success become the winner and get 18,750 USD and my Lee Yong Dae Photobucket (eheehe :)) with Lee Hyo Jung can't beat them and stay only in the second place. There are rubber set for this category. First set, China can become the winner (21-17) but in the next set, South Korea turn! (8-21) 8-21?!? yeah... 8-21. How can the difference between their points are so far? I see many own mistakes that's made by this China couple, beside that Korea couple change their playing type, they try to play as fast as they can. And at point 20-8, Zheng Bo and Ma Jin stop trying to get the shuttle cock (actually I see that they get confused and give up starting from point 17-8)and Lee Yong Dae♥ finishes that second set by jumping smash! But... in the last set, China can become the winner with point 21-18. I see that Lee Hyo Jung gets really really tired in this set. She makes many own mistakes that gives scores to China. So, in mixed double... gold medal is in China and silver medal in South Korea. hey! Where's Indonesia couple? Nova Widianto/ Lilyana Natsir is beated by Lee Yong Dae/ Lee Hyo Jung in SemiFinal. Photobucket

next... women single. China VS India. India? waw! this competition is really full of surprise, honestly... for India badminton player I only know Prakash Padukone (all england winner for year ****, ehehe I'm forget) and for this category, I can say that "REALLY A SURPRISE" result! yup! Saina Nehwal from India can beat Wang Lin, first superior badminton player for women single and become the winner. Saina Nehwal is a young badminton player (19) and really interesting badminton player, because her father is a scientist at...ehmm... I don't know exactly, but it is definitely cool job Photobucket

Saina Nehwal's dropshot is really nice and wang Lin's smash is really cool! (actually I am really love this player style, nice and cool. She is so cool and beautiful). Dropshot and smash..., hmm... first I think that Wang Lin will become the winner easily (forgive me Saina Nehwal) but after seeing Saina's play, I start shouting "you can do it Saina! fighting!" and my shout makes my sister shouts back to me -_-. Saina's play is really nice, yeah.. maybe in first set, she makes many own mistakes and ends the set with Wang Lin as the winner. But in the second and the last she can do her best and gets gold medal!!! congrats Saina! and silver medal in Wang Lin's hold. congrats! and again, Indonesia player in this category is already k.o.

next next next..., in women double. Malaysia couple have to meet China! ya! China again..., we can see China candidates for all the category (except men single) *thumbs up for China. Actually I already get bored when watching this category Photobucket soo..., I don't remeber all players name, hehe :) (only Wong Pei Ti, Malaysia) but once more China has to give the gold medal to MALAYSIA! ya! again and again. China loses their chance to get the gold medal, wow really a surprise for me. and maybe for you, too. Yup! women double gold medal is held by Malaysia and silver medal by China. Congrats!

men single! yeah... only in this category we have a hope to get medal. After beating Sony Dwi Kuncoro in semifinal, Taufik Hidayat can get into grand final and meet Lee Cong Wei (Malaysia) after he beats Park Su Huang (South Korea). But, maybe the recovery of our only hope is not maximal, so I think his play in grand final is not as good as previous game (especially when he meet Peter Gade, he plays great) ya! without rubber set, Lee Cong Wei can become the winner with points 21-9, 21-14. I see that Lee Cong Wei does his best already! fast play and deadly smash! woo-hoo! that's really cool! Congratulation to Lee Cong Wei for the gold medal and special thanks to Taufik Hidayat for bringing indonesia into the podium even not in the "Highest" podium :). Congrats! Photobucket

Last category! men double! gyaaa ♥ believe or not, Lee Yong Dae plays again! waw.., he always make me love him so much.., and makes my friends start loving him,too. That means, it adds more girls list that I have to kill. haha.. :) Lee Yong Dae is the only player that plays twice. *double thumbs up for you Lee! And again, we meet China! Fu Hai Feng/ Cai Yun! waw! Do you know, until this time the fastest smash in the world is Fu Hae Feng's hold. brr... that's really COOL! Photobucket and this category we can say as the great wonderful game! jumping smash, dropshot, netting, and all cool shuttle cock placement. Make me wanna shout everytime! whew..., and I always get "waw look" after seeing all of their jumping smash. But, I see that Fu Hae Feng has to be more careful because his jumping smash majority hit the net and sure it gives scores to South Korea couple. It starts from first set and still go into the second set. Lee Yong Dae/ Jung Jae Sung defend is REALLY COOL! I always would like to 'OMG going', Fu Hae Feng and Cai Yun strong smash can be backed by Jung Jae Sung/ Lee Yong Dae and vise versa. Lee Yong Dae/ Jung Jae Sung strong smash can be backed by Cai Yun/ Fu Hae Feng. But, Fu Hae Feng's smash majority always hit the net and finally, makes Jung Jae Sung/ Lee Yong Dae become the WINNER! Congrats! U r great guys! Love u xo..., but in my heart, I hope players that standing in the podium is not China couple or Korea, but mine. Indonesia couple... Photobucket

yeah..., Markis Kido/ Hendra Setiawan is beated by Lee Yong Dae/ Jung Jae Sung in the semifinal :( and I will tell you a little about my luphly idol Lee Yong Dae ♥ He makes me crazy :)
First when mixed double, he gives the flower he received to the watchers at Gelora Bung Karno (that makes me really want go there!) and he did it again when he got gold medal in men double and this time Jung Jae Sung also gave his flowers (that makes me REALLY want to go there!!!)
and the climax is he TOOK OFF his shirt! gyaaa! I am going crazy, crazy, and more crazy! And Jung Jae Sung also did it! gyaa! I almost forget to take a breathe! gyaa gyaa!
Photobucket if I am standing there maybe I am going to faint >.<

whew..., but I know I can't meet him, huweee I hate that sentence "can't meet him"
higz, but I am as badminton lover and his fan only can give support. (even from my house)
do the best you can all badminton player in the world! and give a GREAT badminton development!

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